Friday, January 15, 2010

Applications in Automation Conference

This important conference is rather alarmingly (for this European) called the ISA Mid-Atlantic Technical Conference. But don't worry, the venue is in Wilmington, (DE US), rather then on a ship moored somewhere in the Saragossa Sea. Apparently the states on the east coast of America generally located between New England and the South are called the Mid Atlantic States.

Technical Conference Topics
* Instrumentation (Wired, Fieldbus and Wireless)
* Regulatory and Advanced Regulatory Control
* Advanced Control
* Safety Instrumented Systems
* Alarm Management
* HMI Design
* Control System Networks and Integration
* Cyber Security
* Energy Management
* Emissions Monitoring

So put away those snorkels and mark you diaries now to attend the Applications in Automation Conference! This three-day conference features several of ISA’s most popular training courses, a technical conference with paper presentations on today’s hottest automation topics, a product and solutions showcase, and an evening event for networking with your peers. Dates are March 23 - 25, 2010.

It comprises a one day conference (24th March) preceded and followed by training courses. These are the incomparable ISA courses. On the 23rd the courses are:
  • Alarm Management - Introduction to the Management of Alarm Systems (IC39C)
  • Wireless - Industrial Wireless Systems (IC85C)
And on the 25th they are:
  • Safety Systems - Safety Instrumented Systems—The Must Know for Implementation (EC50C)
  • Security - Introduction to Industrial Automation Security and the ANSI/ISA99 Standards (IC32C)
The day long conference in between comprises papers and lunch is included. Attendees may choose to attend the conference only. Thanks to the miracle of modern technology they can still sign up and virtually *see* the one-day technical conference online. They will be streaming the entire day's conference live and registrands will be able to see the presenter and his powerpoint presentation right on their desktops.

So not only is this conference not out on the waves but you don't even have to go there to attend. So why not splash out the few dollars and learn more about automation.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Industrial connectors

Easy handling and space-saving design

The Harting Han® 7 D and Han® 8 D compact industrial connectors are now available with Han-Quick Lock® termination technology to give a combination of easy handling and space-saving design.

The precise, compact and straightforward Han-Quick Lock® technology from Harting is ideal for interconnection situations involving high contact densities, offering the same benefits as the crimp termination technology that has been long established in the industrial connector market.

No other termination technology is as simple, space saving and rapid in handling as Han-Quick Lock®. A normal screwdriver is all that is needed for assembly. The terminal cross-section per contact ranges from 0.34 to 1.5 mm2 (AWG 22-16). A working life of more than 500 mating cycles presents no problem for vibration-proof terminations.

The materials used are of especially high quality: the Han-Quick Lock? has a stainless steel spring, copper alloy contacts with a silver surface and a polycarbonate insert. The technical characteristics of the new connectors are in accordance with DIN EN 61 984.

The Han® 7 D and Han® 8 D with Han-Quick Lock® are typically used in industrial control, signal and measurement applications.

DC/DC filter

Compact filter for DC/DC converters

Calex Electronics Ltd announces the availability of the EFIL-100-10 filter module. The EFIL-100-10 is a compact 1" x 2" x 0.45" (2.54 x 5.08 x 1.14 cm) input differential and common mode filter for Calex DC/DC Converters. The board mount unit is housed in a water washable non-conductive case and is available with either RoHS or non-RoHS construction. The EFIL-100-10 is designed to be used in series with the input to the DC/DC Converter, between the source and the converter. A single EFIL-100-10 can be used as the front end for multiple DC/DC converters as long as the total
input current does not exceed 10 Amps DC.

The maximum input voltage for the EFIL-100-10 is 100 Volts DC. The maximum input frequency is 100Hz. The EFIL-100-10 is isolated input to output at 1000 Volts DC. The differential mode insertion loss is typically 31 dB. The common mode insertion loss is typically 28 dB. The operating temperature range is -40ºC to +60ºC. The storage range is -40ºC to +105ºC.

The EFIL-100-10 is available from approximately four to six weeks after receipt of order.

Chinese award

Company recognised for exceptional Ingenuity
Specialty chemicals company in China, receives HART Award

The HART® Communication Foundation has recognised the Evonik Degussa Specialty Chemicals Company in Shanghai (CN), with the HART Innovative Achievement Award. This award is presented to recognize exceptional achievement, ingenuity and innovation in using the Power of HART Communication in real-time applications to improve operations and maintenance and to realize greater benefits from intelligent instrumentation and automation system investments.

Following research on the use of HART in all phases of the plant life cycle, engineers at Evonik decided to utilize HART Communication throughout their new methacrylates production complex, including design, construction, device configuration, loop check, operations, maintenance and troubleshooting. The complex has more than 2000 HART-enabled instruments and valves installed from multiple global manufacturers.

“We were impressed with how extensively this greenfield project used the appropriate design and equipment necessary to take full advantage of HART technology and the intelligence of smart field devices,” says Ron Helson, HART Communication Foundation Executive Director. “Integrating HART data into their DCS and asset management systems provides full-time access to valuable device and process information that is often overlooked. Providing this real-time information to operations and maintenance personnel lowers operating costs and improves plant availability.”

“Brainstorming sessions based on technical reports regarding the use of HART in asset management systems led to establishing a more efficient loop check methodology in compliance with international standards,” says Luc Sterck, Project Manager Instrumentation, Evonik Engineering-Automation and Process Management. “As a direct result of this implementation, we cut loop check time and costs by 25 percent. As well, daily troubleshooting of instruments are now mainly performed from the safety and convenience of the control room.”

According to Sterck, benefits realized through the real-time use of HART Communication include: easy configuration of field instruments from the control room; easy calibration management of instruments; online diagnostics and status monitoring of devices; automated documentation of calibration and configuration data into the
asset management database; fewer people needed for maintenance; and easy checking/ adjusting of device parameters for better control loop tuning.
“We are now initiating a predictive maintenance program in which priority equipments such as control valves and safety instruments in key implementations receive immediate attention,” Sterck says. “We strongly believe that our plant’s commitment to implement predictive device diagnostics on all HART instruments will bring comprehensive and pertinent operating information to key personnel and therefore assure better plant availability by predicting unexpected failures and avoiding associated downtimes.”
  • Evonik is a global leader in specialty chemicals and has been producing specialty chemical products in China since the early 1990s with wide-ranging trading relations already in place prior to this. The Group now has a total of 20 companies and 16 production sites in the region. In fiscal year 2008, 4,000 employees generated sales of over €820 million. Evonik regards China as one of the driving forces of the global economy, and we consequently intend to increase our business in Greater China to around €2 billion in the medium term.

Academic software

Simplifies Circuit Simulation for Teaching and Design
New Academic and Professional Software Versions Foster Learning and Streamline Prototyping
Some Benefits

Multisim 11 Academic
  • Simplify digital circuits teaching by exporting raw VHDL from a programmable logic device (PLD) schematic
  • Guide hands-on electronics experiments with new educator-requested AC single-frequency analysis
  • Correlate simulated data with real-world measurements by integrating with the NI Electronic Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) educational prototyping platform
Multisim 11 Professional
  • Prototype easier and ensure design synchronisation and transparency with enhanced forward/backward annotation from the Multisim schematic to an Ultiboard layout
  • Improve design communication with on-page connectors and a new WYSIWYG net naming system

National Instruments has introduced Multisim 11, the latest version of its circuit simulation software, with specialised editions for both hands-on learning and professional circuit design. The easy-to-use Multisim software delivers a graphical approach that abstracts the complexities of traditional circuit simulation, helping educators, students and engineers employ advanced circuit analysis technology.

The academic edition of Multisim 11 incorporates specialised teaching features and is complemented by circuits textbooks and courseware. This integrated system helps educators engage students and reinforce circuit theory with an interactive, hands-on approach to investigating circuit behaviour. Widely implemented throughout academia, technical colleges and four-year universities choose Multisim for its interactive components, simulation-driven instruments and integration to real-world analogue and digital measurements.

Multisim 11 Professional helps engineers optimise circuit designs, minimise errors and reduce prototype iterations. When combined with the new Ultiboard 11 layout and routing software, Multisim provides engineers a cost-effective, end-to-end prototyping platform. Its integration with LabVIEW measurement software also helps engineers define custom analyses to improve design validation.
  • Simulate better with SPICE parser improvements, updated BSIM models, support for advanced parameters and enhanced digital simulation accuracy

Temp control

Graphically displaying complete control for multi-loop temperature processes

Gefran’s new GF_LOOPER (Gefran Multiloop Controller) provides sophisticated multi-loop process control for 8- or 16-zone configurations in a compact and easy-to-use package. Aimed at precise temperature control in multi-zone furnaces, thermoformers, dryers, small extruders and “hot runner” injection press applications, the high performance controller includes intuitive graphics software for straightforward configuration and monitoring across the total multi-loop process. For complete flexibility, it may be used with all Geflex (GFX) series temperature and process controllers, GF_VEDO series operator panels via high-speed Modbus RTU communication or with backplane mounted Gilogik II series analog and digital I/O PLC modules.

The graphically programmed unit is available in a choice of 3.5” and 5.7” high-resolution TFT colour, ¼ VGA touch screens with IP65 front protection. Multiple screens designed for intuitive ‘no-manual’ programming include display of basic parameters on shared pages and complete details on individual pages for each zone. The uncomplicated yet powerful programming methodology includes the combination of tactile and ‘soft’ touch screen keys with numeric and alphanumeric symbols, ticks, icons and complete multilingual messages. Supervision and configuration pages are easily accessed via a fast menu system with preloaded application programs for 4- to 16-loop control included to simplify set-up.

The long list of programmable control parameters available includes PV, SP, output power, and alarms with advanced control algorithms providing management of process variables for ON/OFF, P, PI, PID, both heat or cool only and heat+cool. In addition, cooling can be set by specifying the type of fluid used and an integral auto tuning feature helps establish optimum PID parameters under all conditions.

The GF_LOOPER includes comprehensive active and historic alarms functions with programmable levels and clear message feedback with key or external reset. Recipes for work parameters for all zones provide quick and simple management of device setup and guarantees error-free operation at all times. For complete flexibility, the controller also includes self-tuning, softstart, sensor diagnostics, solid state actuator diagnostics, calendar functions, 4-level password, trend pages and comprehensive diagnostics. Data transfer of recipes and configuration parameters is also possible via a USB port key.

The instrument equally suits distributed or integrated control architectures with communication options including Ethernet, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Profibus DP and USB.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Background suppression photosensor offers two operating modes and best-of-breed range

New from Carlo Gavazzi is a diffuse photoelectric sensor extending the company’s background suppression technology out to long-range operation. The new PD112 offers one-touch switching between door mode for entrance control applications and industrial mode for standard applications like packaging, wrapping and material handling and timber processing.

Best-of-breed sensing distances are achieved through their advanced triangulation technology: the sensor can detect black objects at distances up to 2m away, and white or grey objects at up to 2.5m. Adjustment is fast and precise using the 28-turn potentiometer on the device’s front panel and users can fine-tune the sensor to detect targets at the desired distance, distinguishing them from reflective objects just a few millimetres beyond.

A truly innovative feature of the unit is the mode operation selection. Set to traditional industrial mode, the maximum operating frequency is 250Hz and detection is optimised for objects near to the background. This ensures optimal performance in general industry automation applications such as pallet wrapping machines, airport baggage conveyors, or wood handling and plank stacking machinery.

By making a simple dip switch selection, the instrument is switched to a door mode, which automatically optimises the performance of the sensor for detecting people and objects around automatic doors, from a position above the door/in the ceiling. Maximum operating frequency is set to 16.7Hz, adapting to the speed of moving people, and the test input – which evaluates sensor function by muting the emitter – is enabled for use by a door controller or PLC. This mode allows the sensor to be remotely tested by a door controller, ensuring the sensor complies with door industry safety standards.

The PD112 features many other innovations providing versatility and ease-of-use. Each model has both NPN and PNP output, which is automatically detected by the sensor when wired. Normally open or normally closed output can be selected via a dip switch and the sensor’s dual adjustable timers (1 – 16 seconds) for ON and OFF delay allow for a customised solution.

Packaging for the sensor comes in the form of a 112 x 45 x 25 mm strong polycarbonate (PC) housing, complementing a sophisticated mechanical design and a choice of cable connection or built-in M12 connector. IP67 rating and high power LED ensures excellent performance in harsh environments.

Pressure at speed

Ginetta G50 series race cars use specialist pressure sensors

Leeds (GB) based Ginetta Cars is a major player in British motorsports, designing and building cars for the race track and road car enthusiasts as well as co-promoting a number of single-make race competitions across Britain and abroad. To maintain the company’s consistently high performance standards, Ginetta choose Variohm EPT3100 pressure transducers to monitor oil, fuel and water pressure across all of its G50 series race cars.

The 300 bhp G50 ‘Cup’ race car which was voted Autosport Magazine’s ‘Car of the Year 2008’ is exclusively used for the single-make Michelin G50 Championship which starts again in April 2010. This competition is rated as one of the most affordable yet thrilling wheel-to-wheel autosports events held across major British race circuits. With a modest upgrade this car is eligible for British, European and World GT4 racing and took the British GT4 title in 2008 against the likes of Aston Martin, Nissan and Maserati. A newly introduced G50Z version features a 400 bhp Ford Zytek engine and is aimed at top level GT sprint and 24 hour racing. The latest derivative, the G50HC (Hot Climate) is built for the vibrant Middle East race car market and is designed for track temperatures up to +60ºC – which really puts the car and Variohm’s pressure sensors through their paces.

Throughout the G50 series, engine control unit and data logging systems are used to ensure optimum performance and Variohm’s EPT3100 series pressure transducers are built for such challenging applications - where high performance and exceptional reliability need to be balanced with lightweight design, compact dimensions and competitive cost.

The EPT3100’s thin film measuring cell and high level output circuit technology provides pressure output from 0.25 to 4000 bar in several range options with accuracy better than +/- 0.8% and stability more than +/-0.1%. Output options include 0 – 5 V, ratiometric and 4-20 mA with up to 32 V input.

For maximum durability, the EPT3100 boasts a 1000g shock rating and 25 g peak vibration rating at 20 to 2000 Hz. The IP66 rated sealed sensor is housed in a ruggedised and hermetically welded 304 stainless steel casing, weighing only 60 grams and measuring just 22 mm diameter x 54 mm long. A choice of miniature or standard DIN43650 connectors, or flying leads, makes installation and field replacement straightforward. To meet the demands of the gruelling conditions for all types of autosports - and the most challenging industrial applications - the EPT3100 has an over-range pressure rating of 2x and burst pressure capability to 5x, with a rated life of more than ten million pressure cycles.

The EPT3100 is a part of an extensive range of specialist sensors and transducers Variohm EuroSensor supplies across the autosports industry including Formula 1, A1GP, WTCC, GP2, Champ, Nascar, ALMS, Superbike, and many others. The complete range includes pressure and temperature sensor solutions for fuel, oil, coolant and brakes as well as force, torque and position measurement sensors for suspension travel, throttle and gearbox. Laser and infrared technologies are also supplied for ride height position and tyre condition.

Knowledge Days 2010

Kennisdagen 2010
Under the heading 'Knowledge, skills and contacts' Kennisdagen 2010 (Knowledge Days 2010) is the central meeting point for the automation industry in the Benelux. The first such event which also was held in Ede, proved very successful. Both visitors and exhibitors were very enthusiastic and the trade press wrote favourably about it. The strength of the event lies in its simplicity, no large and expensive stands and no pushy salespeople, but practical lectures and cozy meeting points, grouped around The Knowledge Plaza.

Participating companies are leaders in the fields of PLC, SCADA, DCS and wireless / remote solutions. The lecture program will be identical on both days, so you can choose whether you want to come on Wednesday or Thursday. Attendees on both days will be able to attend parallel session missed on day 1.

Participants meet people with the same passion, Industrial Automation.

"Are you looking for solutions to improve quality, cost savings and increased efficiency? Looking for solutions that optimize production processes, intelligent solutions that help your business competitiveness? Then you ought not miss Kennisdagen 2010."

Admission is free and drinks and lunch is provided. There are however a limited number of places available so early registration is recommended, as the places will be filled on a first come first served basis!

DATES: 3rd & 4th March 2010
Daily from 09.30 - 17.00 hours.
Venue: Congrescentrum De Reehorst te Ede in the Netherlands.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Drinking water helped

New funding for growth in water monitoring technology
From left, Mark Reynolds (Investment Director,Pemberstone), Ray Harris (Investment Director, Catapult), Tony Halker (CEO,Intellitect Water) and Peter Bridge (Non-Executive Director, IntellitectWater).

Innovative monitoring instrumentation company, Intellitect Water has announced a funding injection of over £2 million to support rapid growth in sales of the company's unique drinking water monitoring technology.

The company's flagship product, the Intellisonde™ features up to 12 sensors in a tiny sonde head that inserts directly into a pipeline. It logs water quality data and provides remote access to the data through a variety of telecommunication options.

Uniquely, the Intellisonde™ technology offers utilities the ability to monitor water quality in the many thousands of miles of pipe that carry water to industrial and domestic consumers. This reduces the cost of water treatment, improves water quality and aids the management of water distribution networks.

Measurement options include Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Mono-chloramine, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, pH, ORP/Redox, Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Turbidity and Colour. Importantly, none of these requires membranes or reagents for operation and the sondes can be deployed for long periods without the need for frequent recalibration or maintenance.

Commenting on the new funding requirement, Intellitect Water CEO Tony Halker says, "Intellisondes™ have been trialled successfully both in the UK and overseas, and we are now expanding the capacity of our sales department and ramping up production capability in order to be able to meet the needs of the market."

The new funding is comprised of capital from existing investors in addition to a £1 million commitment from Catapult Venture Manager, which specialises in SME technology businesses with rapid growth potential. Catapult's Investment Director Ray Harris says, "We are excited to become involved with Intellitect Water as the company moves from the development stage to growth. This business has a strong management team and the products have been extremely well received in the target markets, so the prospects for the future look very good."

Wireless patent

Key RTLS Patent granted and enables highly accurate position detection over long range.

Though it might be argued that this is not strictly automation we have included this release as there is so much interest in wireless produicts in the industry.

Essensium N.V., has announced that the European Patent Office published a key patent granted to them regarding the ranging method which enables their unique and industry-leading combination of high accuracy and long range in their wireless RTLS (Real Time Location System) products.

Traditional wireless RTLS technologies can be split into two main subgroups, Wideband and Narrowband, depending on the radio frequency bandwidth used. Each approach has its own particular advantages and disadvantages.

Wideband methods, typically known as UWB, tend to yield highly accurate position detection, with a resolution down to 10´s of centimeters, but support only a very limited distance between the tag and the readers. This limits their useful application to situations where items need to be tracked over a relatively small area, since a significant and expensive infrastructure of reader antennae needs to be added in order to cover larger areas.

Narrowband methods, typically known as WiFi or RSSI methods, tend to support much larger distances between the tracked item and the readers. This allows larger areas to be covered compared to UWB, with a more affordable infrastructure cost. These methods suffer from the disadvantage of having significantly lower resolution, allowing only to determine the position of a tag with a resolution of several meters at best, or even simply allowing only to identify the room, or zone, in which a particular tag is located.

Essensium´s patented approach combines the benefits of both Narrowband and Wideband behaviour in a single Wide-over-Narrowband RF implementation. This results in an industry-leading RTLS implementation giving both the accuracy of a very precise UWB system combined together with long range, and thus lower infrastructure costs, better than that of typical Narrowband or WiFi methods for RTLS. This combination of attributes enables exciting opportunities for track and trace applications, both indoors and outdoors.

Training at Maintec

Visitors to the MCP stand at Maintec 2010 in Birmingham (GB 2/3 Marckh 2010), will be able to spend time talking to hands-on training and consultancy experts. Of particular relevance, in the current climate, is that MCP can show how effective maintenance can reduce business costs, with typical ROI of 200% within 2 years.

New courses launched
Newly launched are the 2 day courses focused on Maintenance Explained for Operators, Technicians and Maintenances Staff, and how these can help develop a lean manufacturing strategy. These are run in parallel with Managing Plant Reliability courses which cover the new EC machinery directives.

National skills academy champion
As the champion for the Food and Drinks Manufacturing National Skills Academy, MCP can provide specialist advice for those in interested in improving the performance of their operatives in these sectors. The aim is to multi-skill operators and technicians to undertake maintenance, electrical and mechanical tasks safely.

Mechanical to electrical conversion
For the technician and engineer, specific technical training course are offered at centres around Britain. In particular City and Guilds mechanical to electrical conversion course are proving popular. Other courses include PLCs, Control and Instrumentation and 17th Edition electrical training

Speaker session
The speaker session at the seminars will be given by Peter Jackson: This is entitled
‘What about maintenance skills?’ In the current climate the desire to be ‘Lean’ means necessitates people needing a wider range of skills. Asset management encompasses a vast number of techniques and principles which require a clear understanding in order to be effective. To produce the desired results manufacturers need a structured approach to maintenance training. He will explain how a training framework (developed by MCP and NSA Food and Drink Manufacturing) will help deliver manufacturing excellence.

Condition monitoring

Participation in British maintenance event

With the growing awareness of the importance of condition monitoring of rotating machinery and especially that of electric motors, Whitelegg Machines have again invited Tim Thomas, Senior Engineer of Baker Instrument Company, to join them at Maintec 2010 (02- 04/03/2010) Tim will be able to bring his wide expertise to focus on visitors’ queries on the stand.

In addition Tim will be giving a Learn Shop presentation on aspects of Motor Condition Monitoring.

New system launch
As well as showing a range of instruments for on and off line testing and monitoring of electric motors, Whitelegg will be launching the new Online Motor Monitoring Network-Based System, the NetEP.

This is an automated system for the monitoring of electrical rotating equipment. The instrument will monitor 40+ parameters on up to 32 motors, and on up to 7 voltage busses. Benefits to the user include automated evaluation of critical assets from the convenience of your office or anywhere an internet connection is available. With the ability to monitor multiple motors simultaneously, this instrument will supply valuable data along with saving a tremendous amount of time in comparison with route-based instrumentation.

It will notify the user of alarm situations, maintain all database functionality and trend all data for enhanced analysis. Tests include power quality, rotor bar integrity, torque ripple, and transient analysis of motor start ups.

Whitelegg Machines Ltd are British and Ireland, Sales and Support Agents for Baker Instrument Company.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Energy management

Out-of-the-box application provides new visibility to help achieve energy efficiency

Wonderware Ireland has introduced the Wonderware Corporate Energy Management Application. The new application enables manufacturing and industrial automation customers to easily and quickly implement an energy management program and achieve sustainability goals. This application helps clients respond better to energy consumption challenges.

It allows users to monitor energy and detect and notify personnel of energy inefficiencies. It connects directly to meters on a network, through industrial controllers, and accepts manual entry via the company’s InTouch HMI and Mobile Collaboration Solutions. The application is layered on top of their System Platform, enabling integration with a wide range of applications, networks and I/O data sources. Application functionality includes recording consumption and demand at main and sub meters for a wide range of energy types, including power, water, chill, gas, air and steam. The application also associates production output to energy usage, providing the key performance indicators used in many sustainability programs. It can be quickly installed in a matter of days, and pre-built reports give managers, supervisors and workers new visibility and information on how energy is used within the operation.

With this application, companies are able to create a variety of energy consumption web reports based on time period, department, cost centre and operational events. Real-time views of energy consumption are provided by InTouch HMI, offering an overview of the real-time state of energy usage. With the Wonderware Corporate Energy Management Application, organisations can quickly meet business initiatives for energy reductions and resource management to achieve long-term sustainable results.

ATE in China

New sales office in Shenzhen

Intepro Systems, market leaders in power system and component automated test equipment (ATE), announces the opening of its China headquarters in the Nanshan District in Shenzhen (CN). The new office is the company’s first step in bringing direct sales and service support to its increasing numbers of customers in China. The Company also announced that Ms. Xiaoyan (Shannon) Wang has joined the company as its China Business Development Manager. In this position she will be instrumental in expanding Intepro’s China presence, implementing the company’s strategic growth plan and manage the current Sales network.

“With Shannon’s direction and import and export experience, we anticipate doubling our China business in 2010,” said Derek Somers, European Sales Manager of Intepro Systems. “In addition, her management will allow us to increase our customer service and provide direct application support.”

Intepro Systems produces some of the most reliable and easy to use automated test equipment for power testing applications. A highly specialised engineering team and flexible system architecture delivers high quality customer specific solutions to end users throughout the aerospace, alternate energy, automotive, industrial, military, OEM power supply, power components and telecommunications industries.

Intepro Systems ATE is configurable to suit every customer's needs and provides complex instrumentation and ATE systems for design validation, production test and burn-in of power systems, power supplies, DC:DC Converters and power components. Intepro has supplied ATE systems to end users and manufacturers all over the world and their knowledge and expertise in moving and measuring power makes their products unequalled for production testing, ESS screening, repair and characterisation of power components and sub assemblies

Intepro has a global reach with direct sales offices in the Britain, Ireland, the U.S.A and now China and distributors covering Europe, China, Korea and Japan. they have a highly specialised engineering team with world wide experience in delivering custom and turnkey test solutions, integrating the latest technological innovations to the test process such as, dual well fixturing, machine vision and automated handling.

Photograph above shows (left) Intepro’s new China Business Development Manager Xiaoyan (Shannon) Wang and Derek Somers, European Sales Manager.

Rack saves cash!

Data centre saves costs with server racks

Equinix from Frankfurt, a leading provider for colocation services, has equipped its data centres with Rittal TS 8 server racks for many years. Now the data centre specialist focuses on a further Rittal domain, equipping its data centres using Rittal’s power distribution technology Ri4Power.

For a reliable power supply and its installation Equinix previously had relied on switchgear specialists and received complete solutions for low-voltage main distribution. In order to save costs, the data centre supplier decided to equip the data centre with modular switchgear constructed by their own specialists using theirs power engineering software and their power distribution technology Ri4Power.

Rittal Ri4Power Form 2-4 provides easy planning, simple handling, perfect installation and a high-degree of modularity. Their TS 8 enclosures form the basis; their base dimensions and expandability guarantees all application possibilities. The internal space can be optimally adapted to the function-related switchgear installation.

The variable assignment of the form separation and the door height increments means that Ri4Power can optimally solve tasks. Each individual requirement can be solved perfectly: Fast and cost-effective through the standardised busbar systems, comprehensive system accessories and appropriate software tools.

Non-contact website!

Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd, experts in non-contact position and force measurement has launched a new website at showcasing its complete range of measurement sensors and transducers, weighing controllers, and vibration monitoring and calibration equipment.

The website layout covers all of these Ixthus Instrumentation product categories in both overview and detailed formats that will help visitors to assess the best technology for their non-contact measurement application. As well as PDF downloads for many individual products, there are also direct links to specific and related pages on Ixthus’ distribution partner websites where complete product and technical specifications are available for even more complete information.

The ‘Complete Measurement Solutions’ section uses an image gallery format to catalogue some of the many and varied customised applications that Ixthus Instrumentation regularly undertakes as a major part of its service.

Pilot valve

Low power Ex d pilot valve has IEC Ex Approval
Low wattage coil (0.5W) reduces battery drain and heat rise, minimises wiring costs and provides energy savings

Low power Ex d pilot valve with IEC Ex Approval available with either a painted aluminium or stainless steel enclosure
Low power Ex d pilot valve with IEC Ex Approval, is ideally suited to offshore applications

ASCO Numatics has new (WS)LPKF low power pilot with Ex d certification for the compact 551, 552 and 553 series pilot valves. The valve is available with either an aluminium or stainless steel enclosure, and with a power consumption of just 0.5W at 24V DC, has the lowest consumption of any Ex d certified valve for the process industry. The low wattage coil reduces battery drain and heat rise, minimises wiring costs and provides energy savings. The savings in power usage over the installed life of the solenoid valve lower the total cost of ownership.

Compatible with the ASCO Numatics 551-553 ranges in aluminium, brass (551 range only) and stainless steel, the valves have a large flow range of up to 860 l/min for the 551 valve and 3800 l/min for the 553 valve. Certified according to ATEX, IEC Ex and FM, the new range is ideally suited to applications in the offshore market where high levels of safety and superior resistance to aggressive operating environments are required.

The housing and cover of the enclosure are in 316L stainless steel or painted aluminium and the operator can be rotated 360° to select the best position for cable entry. Electrical connection is via either a shielded or unshielded cable gland (½ NPT) to easy access screw terminals.

The enclosure is supplied with a plastic exhaust protector fitted as standard and a metal exhaust protector is available as an option. The operators are suitable for use in ambient temperatures from -40°C to +60°C, and the flameproof enclosure is rated to 112GEx d IIB + H2 T6, 112DEx tD A21 IP67 T85°C, Certification: IEC Ex, ISA and EN 60079-1, 61241-1