Saturday, September 19, 2009

T/C logger

4 channel thermocouple data logger

MadgeTech has just released the QuadTemp2000, a four channel thermocouple logger equipped with an LCD.

It has a reading rate of up to 4Hz and can store up to 500,000 readings per channel. To maximize memory capacity users can enable or disable channels. For easy identification, each channel can be named with up to a ten digit title.

The convenient LCD is an ideal tool to ensure process parameters are met, in real time. Each channel is identified by its title, and the current reading, minimum, maximum and average statistics can all be obtained through the display. The statistics can be reset for different cycle processes where tolerance values may vary.

In addition, the QuadTemp2000 features individual cold junction compensation for each channel providing increased accuracy and response time, and if a probe is removed or severed during logging, the software automatically annotates the data.

This unit is ideal for use in monitoring warehouses, refrigerators, ovens, and HVAC applications. With the QuadTemp2000, monitoring multiple points is easy. Simply place the thermocouples in the monitoring areas and start the logger. Data from all channels is simultaneously logged. After the monitoring cycle is complete data can be downloaded to a PC for further analysis.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Harsh pressure!

Pressure sensors for harsh environments

Three new ranges of high performance, pressure sensors from Kistler Instruments use a new, patented double lip sealing method to eliminate the need for an O-ring seal to ensure accuracy and reliability where extremely high temperature, vibration and shock are likely. Contained in a high integrity housing, the piezoresistive sensing element is isolated from the pressure media by a welded 316L stainless steel or Hastelloy™ diaphragm. Integrated surface mount electronics provide signal conditioning and temperature compensation. .

The three ranges consist of absolute (Type 4260A), gauge (Type 4262A) and differential (4264A) with an accuracy of up to 0.05% FS and long-term stability of 0.1% FS per year. Every sensor is fully tested over both pressure and temperature ranges to ensure compliance with the appropriate specification. This calibration data, traceable to ISO 17025, is available.

A wide range of electrical and pressure connections are available and ATEX zoned hazardous area types can be supplied to order. Pressure ranges from 1 to 350 barA for the 4260A, 0 to 35 barG for the 4262A and 0.1 to 10 barD for the uni-directional 4264A and ±0.1 to ±1 barD for the bi-directional 4264D. All have EMC, reverse polarity, power supply regulation and short circuit protection as standard and display exceptional linearity, hysteresis and repeatability characteristics.

The new piezoresistive pressure sensors have been designed to withstand harsh operating conditions where extremes of temperature, vibration and shock are likely to be present. Typical applications include R&D, industrial, automotive and aerospace component and system testing.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bus power

Fieldbus power supply
delivers up to 500mA per segment

MooreHawke has introduced the TRUNKGUARD® TPS400 Fieldbus Power Supply for general purpose and non-incendive applications.

Available models supply 350mA (for non-isolated, energy limited applications) or 500mA (for high current demand applications) of isolated, conditioned simplex (non-redundant) or duplex (redundant) power to up to four segments.

The fieldbus power supply has a high-availability, modular design featuring modules that are hot-swappable with load-sharing in redundant pairs. This maintains power to the segment in the instance that one module in a pair needs to be removed. Additional features include a rugged industrial metal housing, optional pluggable surge protection, and multi-segment H1 connectors that deliver simple, error-free wiring to a DCS and reduce installation time.

The TPS400 also has an economical Diagnostics Module (FDM252) option that provides a master alarm and LED-based alarms for segment noise, DC voltage levels and conditioner status faults.

Ideal for use with MooreHawke Series 200 and Series 300 TRUNKGUARD Fieldbus Device Couplers, the TPS400 also works perfectly with any other manufacturer’s non-intrinsically-safe fieldbus device couplers.

Weather-proof Enclosures

Wall mounted compact enclosure
offers protection against the elements

Rittal have introduced a new compact wall-mounted compact enclosure to their range of CS outdoor enclosures. Constructed from aluminium with a pure polyester coating, the corrosion resistant single-walled enclosure is available in five different sizes offering a flexible system for quick project adaptations.

An integrated, chamfered rain canopy prevents water from collecting on the roof and seal area. The swing lever handle with semi-cylinder allows the door integrated into the body of the enclosure to be opened with ease; there are also narrow gaps to guard against vandalism. Mounting plates are positioned at the rear of the enclosure and can be quickly removed for machining purposes.

The CS range of enclosures are particularly suitable and ready to use within applications such as telecommunications, traffic guidance and signaling through to gas, water and electricity supply where the installed equipment is either passive or has minimal heat loss.

This new wall-mounted enclosure completes their range of aluminium outdoor enclosures which include both wall-mounted and floor standing enclosures, each of which is available ex works as either single-walled or double-walled.


Online sampling and analysis
A necessity, not a luxury

A major overhead for any processing plant is effluent discharge. And, in accordance with the British Water Industry Act 1991, any company having a significant quantity of trade effluent discharge must obtain consent prior to making a discharge to the public sewer network or water course. With consent granted on the basis of effluent composition and any levels exceeded resulting in major fines, the need for accurate, effective and traceable measurement has never been so apparent

Simple sampling
At the very least, having an on-site sampler will ensure the customer has a representative sample to give to the trade effluent officer. And here’s where Endress+Hauser can help! Their Liquiport 2000 lightweight portable sampler is ideal for an entry level sampling system. Cost-effective and reliable, its medium detection system recognises the difference between filled and empty pump hoist so that accurate dosing volumes are guaranteed.

For more complex sampling tasks, their MCERTS approved ASP Station 2000 sampler has been specially designed for precision sampling. Offering automatic sampling initiated on the basis of time, quantity or flow, ASP Station 2000 provides defined distribution and conservation of liquid media. Samples are preserved using the integrated cooling system that keeps samples in peek condition from +2°C to +20°C (factory setting is 4°C). The current sample compartment temperature is displayed at the controls and recorded in the internal datalogger (optional) for future reference.

Continuous monitoring
Where continuous monitoring of online parameters is required, the CE4 measurement station with its integrated water sampler is the right choice. The system consists of four main components: electronics, analysis pipework, water sampler and accessories, meaning the system can be tailor-made to suit every measurement task – it can be configured to include pH/ORP, conductivity, DO and turbidity. All components are installed inside a weatherproof stainless steel cabinet, so outdoor storage poses no problems!

Immediate detection
In addition to achieving representative effluent samples, online analysis enables immediate detection of product loss. Their range of online analysers covers all key analytical parameters from pH and suspended solids through to the sum parameters of BOD, COD and TOC. And, by activating alarm set points on the analysers, you can ensure that should any content limits be breached, you’ll know about it immediately - an important factor to avoid fines. Remember, prevention is better than cure!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

QVGA Display

Industrial-Grade QVGA TFTs
Boast high-end specs and long-term availability

Anders Electronics, market leader in innovative electronic device display experience optimization, has announced the availability of its newest 3.5” QVGA TFT displays. Specially designed for high-end industrial and medical devices, these 3.5” QVGA TFTs offer excellent optical specifications, superb 3 to 5 year guaranteed availability, and an on-board LCD controller for the portrait model that markedly lowers design complexity and speeds time to market.

The feature-rich displays are offered in either portrait or landscape orientation – a unique option, especially in industrial grade displays where landscape has become the standard. Both models include an integral white LED backlight, and can be used in pin selectable parallel RGB mode or serial/parallel MCU mode, with no external LCD controller required for MCU mode in the portrait model. In the case of the landscape, RGB I/F model, an SPI interface is provided to allow access to the display’s internal control registers where required

The amorphous silicon-based TFT displays have been developed for use within an extended -30°C to 85°C temperature range, and are especially thin and lightweight - making them suitable for a wide variety of demanding industrial and medical applications, such as industrial control and automation and medical diagnostic devices. At the same time, the displays offer high colour saturation, high brightness (450 cd/m2 for portrait model, 500 cd/m2 for the landscape model), high contrast (portrait – 400:1, landscape – 500:1), 262K colours, and ultra-wide viewing angles of 150°, left to right

Adding further value to the 3.5” QVGA TFTs, Anders also offers a range of display enhancements, including EMI filters (low Ohm ITO coating for EMI suppression, and mesh filters), filters for light optics, and a variety of finishes, polarizes, retarders, EMI Windows, Broad Band PET, anti-reflective, and light control filters for privacy. Additionally, Anders offers optically-bonded protective glass windows for all TFTs, ideal for rugged industrial applications.

“These new 3.5” QVGA TFTs offer all the advantages of a feature-rich tier-1 manufactured display with long-term availability – in a low-volume, low-cost package,” said Mike Logan, Product Manager at Anders Electronics. “In today’s competitive industrial and medical device market, we’re pleased to continue to exceed both commercial expectations and high-end technical standards, enabling a truly outstanding enduser experience for our customers,” he concluded.

Powered by Wonderware

Invensys Announces New Partners and Collaboration for Wonderware Windows CE HMI

Invensys Operations Management has announced a number of innovative, strategic partnerships with industry-leading human-machine interface (HMI) hardware manufacturers.

The Powered By Wonderware® program delivers Invensys Operations Management's industry-leading Wonderware InTouch® HMI software in a Compact Edition form factor for Windows CE devices. The program was created in partnership with Advantech Corporation, Arista Corporation, Axiomtek, B&R Industrial Automation, Beckhoff Automation, Beijer Electronics, Kontron and VIPA. Powered By Wonderware certified devices are now available from these leading vendors, with pre-installed images ready for use out of the box.

"The Powered by Wonderware program, in conjunction with our partners, means that our customers can now order their HMI hardware with runtime software pre-installed, directly from their vendor of choice," said Keith Jones, Invensys Operations Management marketing program manager, Wonderware HMI/SCADA products. "This offers a certified combination of InTouch Compact Edition software and vendor hardware, tested by Wonderware and ready to use out of the box. Customers will appreciate the time they will save with the pre-installed software, as well as have confidence that their industrial computer panel is ready to run. In addition, InTouch Compact Edition software has never been more affordable, with users able to select the license size they need and take advantage of exciting new bundled pricing."

According to Dan Fitzpatrick, global embedded program manager, Invensys Operations Management, by partnering with many of the world's top HMI hardware brands, Invensys now offers clients the most cost-efficient version of the market-leading Wonderware InTouch HMI software on a vast amount of hardware styles and ratings.

"In addition, Wonderware customers are assured that InTouch Compact Edition software is certified to function properly on all certified hardware and that, together with our partners, we will support the complete solution in every corner of the globe," Fitzpatrick said.

Ultrapure water

New sensor ideal for ultrapure water applications

The Orbisphere 1100 series optical dissolved oxygen sensor from HACH LANGE is providing major advantages to international service company Serco, in the course of its work to solve corrosion problems within the British power generation sector. The instrumentation has helped reduce maintenance time and service requirements to improve the overall monitoring efficiency of testing carried out under plant conditions.

The sensor is used to monitor feedwater for the determination of dissolved oxygen levels in ultra pure water, in this instance, primary coolant in pressurised water reactors.

Dissolved oxygen is vitally important in applications ranging from power generation, wastewater, drinking water and beverage production to monitor and control corrosion rates of materials.

Employing luminescent measurement technology, with no membranes or electrolyte, the solid state sensor head of the Orbisphere 1100 is unaffected by process changes or pressure shocks and requires minimal user intervention. It is quick and easy to calibrate, saving on maintenance costs as a result. Annual maintenance is limited to just a few minutes for a zero point calibration. In addition, chemicals are not required for this process, making the task easier and safer without reducing measurement precision.

A further useful feature of the luminescent measurement technology is the elimination of effects on readings by other dissolved gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

The Serco Technical and Assurance Services laboratory team provides a dedicated service to industry, solving corrosion related plant problems. Its research laboratories enable the simulation of most plant conditions found within the power generation market. The majority of the work performed is for regulatory purposes and for plant lifetime/safety studies, so it is vitally important that fast, accurate and reliable results are produced during corrosion experiments that replicate plant conditions.

In order to tailor analytical services to customer needs, the laboratories employ a sophisticated range of the latest laboratory instruments.

Chris Auener, Structural Integrity Analyst at Serco, said: “The sub 10ppb accuracy of the system within the calibration range of the Orbisphere 1100 from HACH LANGE reduces the inaccuracy of the measurement allowing previously unseen readings within primary water conditions at Serco.

“We have numerous requirements from industry to recreate plant conditions with high purity water containing high concentrations of other dissolved gases and pH raisers and so the Orbisphere 1100 has proved ideal for our purposes. The instrument is also extremely user-friendly and meets the industry standard.”

Another benefit of the Orbisphere 1100 is that the sensor will fit into any existing Orbisphere sensor housings, allowing quick and reliable monitoring, even at sub 5ppb levels making the instrument ideal for all power applications. The sensor is then connected to the Orbisphere 510 - Multi Channel O2, O3, CO2, N2 and H2 Gas Analyser and Orbisphere 410 - Oxygen and Ozone Gas Analyser.

Summarising, Gareth Hughes, Industrial Process Sales Manager at HACH LANGE said: "The key feature of the Orbisphere 1100, that sets it apart from other instruments, is its ability to provide highly accurate ultra-low DO measurements with little or no service requirement, saving valuable time and costs in the process.”

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

US level

Ultrasonic continuous liquid level sensor
With multipoint switch capability

Gems® Sensors & Controls™ has launched the UCL-510 Ultrasonic Level Sensor. The compact UCL-510 is suitable for non-contact applications such as industrial water treatment, wastewater management, chemical storage, and many other challenging fluid applications. The UCL-510 offers an innovative solution for challenging fluid measurement with no moving parts.

This highly accurate and reliable sensor is built for general purpose, small tank applications 49.2” (1.25m) or less and offers switch, controller and transmitter capabilities in one multi-function transmitter. The UCL-510 is packaged within a compact sensor with a 2” dead band and an innovative PC interface that provides fast and accurate configuration.

The product combines 4 relays, 4-20mA output and pump/valve control in one small sensor for a total fluid handling and automation solution. The UCL-510 is suited for corrosive and dirty applications and is virtually maintenance free and reduces tank system hardware.
Ultrasonic continuous liquid level sensor
With Multipoint Switch Capability

Gems® Sensors & Controls™ has launched the UCL-510 Ultrasonic Level Sensor. The compact UCL-510 is suitable for non-contact applications such as industrial water treatment, wastewater management, chemical storage, and many other challenging fluid applications. The UCL-510 offers an innovative solution for challenging fluid measurement with no moving parts.

This highly accurate and reliable sensor is built for general purpose, small tank applications 49.2” (1.25m) or less and offers switch, controller and transmitter capabilities in one multi-function transmitter. The UCL-510 is packaged within a compact sensor with a 2” dead band and an innovative PC interface that provides fast and accurate configuration.

The product combines 4 relays, 4-20mA output and pump/valve control in one small sensor for a total fluid handling and automation solution. The UCL-510 is suited for corrosive and dirty applications and is virtually maintenance free and reduces tank system hardware.

Sanitary standards

Sanitary Standards Certification
Earned by food & beverage automation experts

ESE, Inc., has earned 3-A Sanitary Standards certification from 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc.,(SSI), a non-profit organization representing equipment manufacturers, processors, regulatory sanitarians, and other public health professionals whose mission is to enhance product safety for consumers of food, beverages, and pharmaceutical products. ESE, Inc. successfully met a comprehensive inventory of 3-A Sanitary Standards and 3-A Accepted Practices to certify the sanitary design of its processing equipment for dairy and food processing. ESE's Q5 Near Infrared Analyzers were inspected for their patent-pending flow cell design - whereby near infrared light passes through product in a flow cell, then returned light is rapidly and accurately analyzed for moisture, fat, protein, solids, salt, pH, or other constituents.

"Our 3-A certification status demonstrates a commitment to food quality that dates back to 2005 - preceding many of our competitors - and continues on today with heightened concern for potential safety issues facing the industry,"
states Tom Walther, President of ESE, Inc. "ESE proudly displays the 3-A Symbol to demonstrate our commitment to food hygiene standards and assure our customers that ESE's equipment conforms to the appropriate and current 3-A Sanitary Standards."

3-A Accepted Practices are used on a voluntary basis and certify that adequate public health protections are in place for equipment, systems, and products serving the dairy and food industries. Food and dairy producers widely recognize this certification because it signifies equipment that is easier to clean, inspect, and maintain. To achieve member status, food technology vendors must be verified by an objective, independent, third-party professional; inspections must be renewed every five years to maintain certification status. ESE first earned its 3-A certification in 2005 and has continually met the stringent requirements for certification.

Security Inst

exida Joins ISA Security Compliance Institute

The ISA Security Compliance Institute announces the recent addition of exida LLC as a Technical Member.
Founded in 2007, the ISA Security Compliance Institute’s mission is to provide the highest level of assurance possible for the cyber security of industrial automation control systems. The Institute is well into development of an industry consensus cyber security specification for the ISASecure designation. Conformant products will carry the ISASecure designation, enabling suppliers to substantiate claims of compliance. The designation will also provide asset owners with independently validated cyber security characteristics for products when making procurement decisions.

Andre Ristaino, managing director of ISA's Automation Standards Compliance Institute, comments on the addition of exida to the Institute. “Dr. William Goble and his organization are globally recognized experts in engineering practices in the field of safety. Many of the same concepts are applicable to cyber security of control systems. exida’s insights and contributions from their top-drawer professionals will improve the quality of the ISASecure test specification.”

Headquartered in the US and Munich, (D), exida is a significant provider of functional safety and control system security services, and certification and engineering tools. The company has extensive experience in major markets such as oil and gas, chemicals, power, automotive, and pharmaceuticals. exida has certified over 70 safety products to the ISO/IEC 61508 international standard.

exida also owns Byres Research, located in Vancouver (CDN). Byres Research is a world-class team of security and controls systems professionals dedicated to helping corporations and government agencies protect critical industrial automation and control systems from cyber incidents.

“We are very pleased to be a Technical Member of the ISA Security Compliance Institute”, says Dr. Goble, principle partner of exida. “Membership is consistent with our overall goal to help rapidly mature the field of control system security, including the design, certification, and application of products used in critical applications. "

See our CyberSafe Page and our recent report on Byre Security's Tofino™ Virtual Private Network (VPN))

Wireless board!

ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute Elects Governing Board Officers

The ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute announces newly elected leadership for the Institute’s Governing Board. Dan Sheflin from Honeywell was selected as the Institute’s first Chairman and Dr. Penny Chen from Yokogawa was selected as the Institute’s first Vice-Chairman.
The ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute provides the linkages between the published standard and implementation of the technology in the commercial marketplace via conformance certification programs, education, and technology support.

Sheflin is the Vice President of Advanced Technology for Honeywell’s Automation and Control Solutions (ACS) business which is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.

With the election of Sheflin, Honeywell demonstrates its commitment to the advancement of the ISA100 family of standards. “The creation of the ISA100 family of communication standards is one of the most profound industry milestones this century and establishes the foundation for the next generation of industrial automation controls. Communication interoperability is an enabling technology that will not only reduce life cycle costs, but provides the foundation for applications that have not been invented yet.”

Dr. Chen is a Principal Systems Architect at the Yokogawa Industry Automation Global Strategic Technology Marketing Center in the US (USMK). She actively participates in automation industry standards initiatives including ISA100 (Wireless Systems for Automation) and ISA99 (Manufacturing and Control Systems Security). She is currently Co-Chair of the ISA100.15 Wireless Backhaul Backbone Network Working Group. Chen's professional experience includes positions at Intel, Alcatel-Lucent, and a start-up company which focused on wireless networking technologies and security solutions for multiple wireless technologies including Bluetooth, WiFi, and 2G/2.5G/3G Mobile. Penny earned a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University (USA).

The newly elected Vice Chairman states, “Yokogawa is a staunch advocate for industry standards and the ISA100 wireless communication standard offers functionality, interoperability, and flexibility for unlimited future growth, We are excited to participate in an industry initiative as important as the ISA100 Industrial Wireless communication standard.”

Monday, September 14, 2009

Concrete pH

Flat surface electrode design
Fast and easy on-the-spot pH measurements on concrete

Extech Instruments, a major supplier of test and measurement equipment for the industrial marketplace, announces its new PH150-C ExStik Concrete pH Test Kit with everything you need for pH testing. The PH150-C’s flat surface electrode design provides fast and easy on-the-spot pH measurements on concrete, and the kit’s waterproof/dustproof design (IP570) floats in water and protects the meter in wet environments.

Its one metre extension cable with probe guard/weight attached to the flat surface Concrete pH Meter for taking measurements on flat concrete surfaces, and the rust-resistant metal weight helps to keep the electrode in contact with the wet concrete surface. The test kit features a probe guard to protect the electrode. To eliminate guesswork, the test kit’s RENEW indicator tells the user when it is time to replace the electrode and the CAL alert informs the user when it is to recalibrate.

The meter includes a dual display with numerical readout and analog bar graph, and the memory function records and recalls 25 sequentially tagged readings, allowing detection of changes over time. 1, 2 or 3 point calibration automatically recognizes buffer solutions, and the kit features a simultaneous display of pH and temperature with ATC. Furthermore, there is a Data Hold, Auto power off and low battery indicator.

The PH150-C test kit comes complete with a flat surface concrete pH electrode, protective sensor cap, sample cup with cap, plastic stand (that helps keep the meter in place), 1M extension cable with weighted probe guard, plastic bottle, four 3V CR2032 button batteries, a 48” (1.2m) neckstrap, and a carrying case.

Cable outlets!

New Rittal NH isolator quick change cable outlets

Rittal has extended its series of secure isolators with the addition of a range of new NH isolators in sizes 00 to 3. Similar in design to the existing RiLine60 series, the new isolator cable outlets can now be changed from top to bottom within seconds. The position of the cable outlet can be decided upon just before assembly, and inventory costs can thus be halved.

The size 00 rail is available in two versions for direct contact on 60 or 100mm rail systems, and can also be used on 185mm rail systems with the addition of an adaptor. The 60mm rail system version is contacted via rotating mounting hooks.

1 to 3 size rails can be assembled on 185mm rail systems with a uniform construction width of 100mm. As before, cable outlets can be changed from top to bottom within seconds. Contacting to the rail system is by means of busbar terminals, without the need for any drilled holes.

Comprehensive contact hazard protection of IP 2X protection category is always assured, due to integration in the RiLine 60 base tray system.

This new series is supported by a wide range of accessories for conductor connection, current measurement and fuse monitoring.


Farnell increases focus on electronic design for transportation

Farnell has extended its support for electronic engineers working on automotive, rail and other Transportation applications by adding a large number of Transportation-orientated electronic components to its product portfolio. At the same time the company has made available a wide variety of technical collateral that will help these engineers speed product selection and application development.

The recent addition of over 800 new parts means that Farnell’s dedicated Transportation portfolio now features almost 4000 products from 80 industry-leading suppliers including Altera, Analog Devices, Cree, Freescale Semiconductor and STMicroelectronics. Technical documentation for electronic engineers working in the Transportation field comprises over 60 new documents ranging from application notes and selector guides to design tips and reference guides.

To coincide with Farnell’s increased Transportation focus, the latest Farnell Technology First Journal also has Transportation as its theme. The Journal brings together a variety of news, product and market information. Technical articles and FAQs designed to help engineers working on applications as diverse as motorcycles and heavy agricultural vehicles are also included.

Downloadable PDF and interactive online versions of Technology First can be accessed via the Transportation link on the Technology First area of the Farnell website. This link also provides access to information on the new product introductions, allows visitors to search products by category, and incorporates ‘hotlinks’ to the technical collateral.

Jamie Furness, Global Head of Strategy & Community Development, states: “From comfort and safety to infotainment, security and drivetrains, innovative electronic design is fundamental to delivering more features, making vehicles safer and more efficient and, critically, reducing cost of manufacture. The key to future success for manufacturers lies in innovation so, despite the short-term challenges facing the Transportation industry in general and automotive manufacturers in particular, this is the perfect time to increase our focus on this sector.”